Sportswear buff Jurgen Klopp is coming to Liverpool. What's he going to wear?
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Clothes maketh the manager. Brendan Rodgers changed his club tie every season – excitingly diagonal during his 2013/14 annus mirabilis, a curious square-ended tea-towel thing the following year, a knowingly funereal black this term.

Now his successor Jurgen Klopp is blowing into town, and the suit-and-tie look is unlikely to be adopted by the sportswear-loving German. But as he browses the official LFC superstore for merchandise, what might Kloppo pick? Read on to find out...

If Klopp wants to find the nearest thing to his beloved Borussia hoodie, he might try this £35 Start Marl Zip Through (it says here). Stylishly minimalist with its embroidered red Liver bird, it does, however, have metal-tipped hood drawstrings which might smack him in the face if he jumps up too quickly.  
Klopp’s favoured hoodie was horizontally emblazoned with “Borusse!”, but he’s always liked a quick vertical and might be taken by this £40 double-zipped affair, which commemorates the Yorkshire Night Workers’ Association. (Please don’t write in, we know it doesn’t.)
Then again, as the winter sets in, he might prefer this £80 puffa-jacket from the Melwood range’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Quilted and filled with lightweight down, it’s just the type of jacket Arsene Wenger might struggle with – although we’re not sure if Arsene’s comes with its own packaway bag. 

Although Brendan Rodgers loved to invoke Bill Shankly, he didn’t dare wear the great man’s threads. Kloppo might fancy this £45 retro red-and-cream number with curved “Liverpool FC” on the back and, curiously, just the one zipped pocket on the front.

Maybe Klopp will go for this £40 Rome '84 retro trackie, fetchingly arranged in grey, red and white with a gold embroidered Liver bird badge commemorating Joe Fagan’s greatest night, Grobbelaar’s wobbly legs and a hero named Barney Rubble.

Alternatively, why not evoke another legend with a Paisley shawl-neck cable-knit jumper? And no, we’re not joking: this is an official LFC-branded release, £45 to you

If Kloppo wants to schmooze his FSG paymasters, he might opt for the baseball look. Aping the style of the US version of rounders, this £60 fleece-lined “formation” jacket features suitably Germanic lettering – to front and back, so the folks behind Klopp in the Main Stand can ever be reminded that Anfield is indeed their home.

Should Klopp want to retain a little bit of Dortmund with a little bit of scally style, he could choose this £45 Minver neon-panel top featuring his old club’s black-and-yellow “colourway”. The white panel and angular design also helpfully invoke the '80s, when Liverpool were really rather good. 

Or he could really rock the boat with a £35 onesie. May his dreams never be tossed and blown.