Premier League "long table": Your side's TRUE place in the league

The league table is a list, but the Long Table shows you how close teams are

With the Premier League midway through gorging itself on seven successive days of match action, the Long Table is changing on a daily basis – but most of the big decisions have been made. 

Chelsea are champions, Spurs second, and the North Sea Doomwatch Trio of Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Hull will be playing their trade in a lower division next term after Marco Silva’s team had their fate confirmed in decisive fashion by Crystal Palace.

That 4-0 Tiger-thrashing also allowed the Eagles to soar up the mini-league of teams who just about pass 40 points then knock off for the summer. In fact, it’s more than a mini-league: with 10 members stretching from West Brom (8th place, 45 points) to sweatily-safe Swansea (17th, 38 points) it’s half the division. 

Eleven points above the drop line, the Baggies are now 16 points behind their upper neighbours Everton. By beating Watford (another member of the Forty-Point Posse) on Monday night, Chelsea reached 90 points – double West Brom's haul. A while back, there was much-derided talk of a Premier League 2; it may already be with us.

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