Ranked! The 21 BEST club badges in world football

Inter Miami

Phwoooooaaaaar! David Beckham's Inter Miami FC have unveiled their spanking new badge ahead of a proposed first MLS season in 2020. Here are some more beauties from around the world...

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21. Asante Kotoko

There’s only one way to start: with an evil porcupine.

Ghana’s Asante Kotoko were named Africa’s Club of the Century in 2000 by football nerd-do-wells IFFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics), ostensibly based on results. We know the real reason: that porcupine struck terror into IFFHS’s cold, mathematical hearts. After all, the club’s motto means, ‘Kill a thousand and a thousand more will come’. A-porc-alypse!

Kotoko also have an unofficial nickname that has previously resulted in the proposed building of a Fabulous Arena, and their women’s team being called Fabulous Ladies of Asante Kotoko. Which is just delightful.

20. Boca Juniors

They’re going to need a bigger badge. But in the ’70s Boca started adding a star for every title they won, and damn it, they’re not going to stop now.

19. Inter Milan

To win the European Cup three times, a club needs a classic crest. That’s why Nottingham Forest won it only twice. Inter’s emblem, though, has a timeless design, despite a pointlessly minor 2014 rebrand that scaled new heights of pretentiousness.

Inside ever-decreasing circles sit the letters I, M, F and C in an Escher-like arrangement. Which letter’s on top? Which is bottom? Who knows? They’re intricately interwoven, whereas other clubs’ attempts at a similar design can create a clustered mess.

18. Bohemians 1905

Moving from the sublime to the ridiculous, the complex to the simple, Milan to Prague, this is the intriguing badge worn by Czech top-flight outfit Bohemians 1905. It’s a kangaroo. In central Europe. Frankly, FFT agrees with the badge: the less explanation, the better.

Oh, fine: they adopted the nickname after a 1927 tour of Australia ended with Bohemians being given two kangaroos. Happy now?

17. Gandzasar Kapan

Few crests are more epic than this effort from the Armenian Premier League (we researched hard, OK?). A bear clutching a key atop a retro football resembling a planet is stirring stuff. The only shame is that ‘Ganzasar’ actually means ‘treasure mountain’. Now that’s a badge we want to see.

16. Orlando Pirates

Where St Pauli talk the talk, Orlando Pirates walk the walk. The South African giants’ crest has a skull ’n’ crossbones that wouldn’t look out of place on a Motörhead LP, having thankfully run with the most well-known of their many nicknames, rather than the somewhat less intimidating ‘Happy People’.

15. Chornomorets Odesa

We like this badge for one reason and one reason only: the Adidas Tango. While every other club badge in the world features the tried and tested models – your classic leather football with volleyball-esque lines, or a ‘modern’ white-with-black-polygons design that hasn’t seen action since the ’70s – Chernomorets elect for the greatest ball ever created in sport. Shine on, you crazy Ukrainian diamonds.