Ranked! The 21 worst club badges in world football

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5. Wycombe Wanderers

“Gerald, what the hell have you been feeding the mascot?”

4. AS Marsa

The Tunisian top-flight outfit have a badge straight out of a religious children’s book. And, as charity-shop wisdom dictates, it’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than into a football strip.

The creature itself seems to know this, looking at its lurid kit as if to say, “Does my hump look big in this?” That’s the least of its worries: its right foreleg is twice as long as its left and has at least three kneecaps.

No, no, this isn’t right at all. Someone in the north of Africa is genetically modifying camel DNA.

3. RB Leipzig

The universally loathed Leipzig are bankrolled by Red Bull, energy drinks manufacturer and patron saint of lorry-driving students. You may have noticed from their historic club crest. By the way, their name is ‘RasenBallsport Leipzig’, meaning Lawn Ball Sports Leipzig, which is of course perfectly natural and just coincidentally has the same initials as Red Bull.

But German football rules forbid advertisement on their badge. So instead, not-Red Bull Leipzig have two red bulls charging into a golden orb, in an image that is in absolutely no way reminiscent of Red Bull’s logo.

2. Catania

It feels churlish to criticise incorrect scale in a club’s badge, given their artistic nature. Even so, Catania’s crest is just bizarre.

Why is that leather ball so ludicrously large? Shouldn’t the blue and red shield, emblazoned with the club name, be the crest’s main feature? Why is that elephant trying to hide behind said shield? If Babar’s doing something naughty, football fans have a right to know.

1. Burton Albion

Most clubs seek to finesse their image when they reach new heights. Not Burton. The Brewers are higher up the ladder than they’ve ever been before, but they refuse to drop their pub team of a crest.

Just look at it. Gaze upon this exquisite monstrosity. The image Burton Albion have chosen to represent themselves to the world is an oddly proportioned chubber failing to do keepy-uppies in his dance shoes. Perhaps this is a warning about the dangers of brewers getting high on their own supply.

Nothing about this badge is right, to the point that all the wrong elements even clash with each other. Leading with ‘BREWERS’, and in that font, brings to mind an American football team, while the bloke beneath it decidedly does not. As for the ‘BA’ logo, we can only assume someone started with an idea and forgot what it was, and halfway through sketching had a shot at the Eiffel Tower instead. Oh bugger, forgot the ‘FC’. It’s OK, I’ll put it in the ball.

That all being said, we still love Burton Albion’s crest. Nobody wants every club badge to look like Hamburg’s.

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