Ranked! The 25 best Premier League goals EVER

Thierry Henry, Arsenal Man Utd goal

Separating the Yeboahs from the Le Tissiers, Seb Stafford-Bloor ranks the 25 best goals from 25 Premier League seasons

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25. Benito Carbone vs Newcastle (1997/98)

Carbone had a touch of evangelism to him. He arrived at Sheffield Wednesday at a time when foreign players were still scarce in English football and that isolation framed his excellence. Helpfully, he looked like the imagined caricature of a foreign player, but Sheffield the Italian also oozed technical class - and never more so than in August 1997 when, before flick-flacks and rabonas, a bicycle kick was the height of footballing sophistication.

24. Frank Lampard vs Everton (2006/07)

Behold the power of the right camera angle. 

Was this Frank Lampard’s most important or best goal for Chelsea? No on both counts, but there isn’t a more vivid depiction of his ball-striking. It could be argued that this wasn’t even the finest goal scored in this game (Didier Drogba would win it with a late, dipping volley), but it still characterises the nonchalance with which Lampard use to rake 30-yarders into top corners.

23. Luis Suarez vs Newcastle (2012/13)

The touch! Suarez has scored better goals. He even scored better goals for Liverpool that season. But that misses the point: most forwards can finish, many of them from long range and with great power. By contrast, few who have played in England had Suarez’s first touch or his habitual awareness of what was going on around him. 

On first viewing this was “neat”, by the third replay it looked - and continues to look – very special.

22. Gareth Bale vs Stoke (2010/2011)

Control: that’s the important bit here. Pretend that you’re younger than you are, do yoga three times a week, and that your hip bone wouldn’t be fractured just by attempting this. Even then, to maintain so much control over a waist-high ball would be remarkable. 

This owed much to Aaron Lennon's drifted cross and to Stoke's decision to leave one of the most dangerous players in the league unmarked at the back post, but Bale showed another shade of excellence at a time when his game was growing ever more diverse.

21. Steve Froggatt vs Everton (1998/99)

What’s the appropriate verb here? The same tired descriptions have been trotted out so often and been drained so efficiently of meaning that Coventry winger Froggatt’s goal - so truly hit, so obviously destined to knock someone out if not for the goal netting - almost requires a category of its own. 

Another which has been forcefully consigned to history on account of its lack of post-millennium gloss.

Goal from 0.48 onwards