Ranked! EVERY 2018 World Cup kit on show in Russia this summer

Belgium away shirt 2018
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51. Morocco, home

This was one of the final two kits to be revealed. The design doesn’t assuage any doubts that Adidas just forgot they had to make one.

50. Iran, home

And this was the other straggler. It's white.

49. France, away

In a doomed attempt to better the unbetterable, which was France’s gorgeous flag-across-the-shoulders away kit for their hosting of Euro 2016, Nike tried something different this time. Specifically, they took a plain white T-shirt and used it to calibrate an old inkjet printer. No? Oh, ask your dad.

48. Tunisia, away

Thanks to revolutionary new technology from German manufacturers Uhlsport, it’s possible to forget this kit even as you’re looking at it.

47. Tunisia, home

FFT is told this is similar to Tunisia’s away strip, but we don’t know as we haven’t seen it.

46. Panama, home

The away kit is nicer.

45. Australia, away

This is a cricket top, isn’t it? Do cricket tops usually have badges the size of continents?

44. Egypt, home

We alternate between finding this decent and finding it dull. The colour tones are dead right, at least, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to cock that up.

43. France, home

Oh, hello. France’s shirts seem to have been getting darker with each tournament, to the point that, as the contrast on each sleeve shows, this one may as well be black. It doesn’t do Les Bleus justice, and the collar’s strange single button isn’t helping matters. Yeah, just bite it off, mate.

42. Costa Rica, home

Amid Costa Rica’s rich colours, New Balance’s ‘Declare your DNA’ slogan doesn’t really come across in the swirls (representing DNA strands), although they look pretty enough.

41. Saudi Arabia, home

This is a solid effort, but it does carry the air of a gym top. Sadly that’s quite appropriate, as Saudi Arabia, along with South Korea and Australia, have been given Nike’s old Dri-Fit fabric – generally used for replica shirts – instead of their fancy new Fast Fit Vaporknit technology, worn by the likes of France, Portugal and the Dutch, who didn’t even qualify for this World Cup. At least the Saudis’ new crest is lovely.

40. Russia, home

Hmm. The hosts’ get-up isn’t bad, reviving an old kit as so many teams are this year, especially those kitted out by Adidas. However, the shirt’s inspiration – USSR in 1988 – lacks… well, inspiration, and the final product isn’t a patch on the snazzy retro ensemble that Russia wore for last year’s Confederations Cup. Nice socks, though.

39. Poland, away

S’alright. Next.