Ranked! Every kit at Euro 2016: which gets your vote?

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30. Czech Republic, away

We challenge you to be excited by this kit.

29. Germany, home

Ditto. Die Mannschaft must have a sober home kit, of course, but without striped sleeves (Adidas have moved them to the flanks on several of their designs) it’s oddly drab – or classic, depending on your tastes.

28. Wales, away

And here’s why many supporters favour a classic look. Wales fans are divided over this effort. We quite like it, but must deduct points for lacking traditional Welsh colours and – as with the home kit and both of Northern Ireland’s – including a collar that’s simultaneously a V-neck and, when folded back, a crew neck. Odd.

27. Switzerland, home

The three logos battling for space on one stripe is a little undignified (not an issue for the Swiss away kit, higher in this list), although there’s some nice sleeve work on display.

26. Slovakia, away

Slovakia suffer the same agonising dilemma: a triple logo melée. On the other hand, the colour balance and barcode effect work nicely.

25. Wales, home

Welshmen were much happier with this classic design. Timeless, certainly, but it doesn’t set our pulses racing – plus the reversion to white shorts is a shame.

24. Republic of Ireland, home

Umbro have gone all out, with orange trim and a Gaelic-style font. Shame about the collar, which looks out of place.

23. Portugal, home

Unfussy if unspectacular, Portugal’s home strip features a smooth green stripe continuing from shirt to shorts. As with their change strip, however, the breastplate motif is a bit invasive.

22. England, away

England’s second kit is similar to Portugal’s first, but with a more pleasing – if not particularly English – colour combination.

21. Sweden, home

It’s nice enough, but misses Adidas’s traditional shoulder stripes.

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