Ranked! Every kit at Euro 2016: which gets your vote?

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20. Hungary, away

That’s more like it.

19. Austria, home

Different without being distracting, this is a solid effort. We especially like the Austrian flag adorning the sleeve ends.

18. Northern Ireland, home

A.K.A. The kit that split a nation. Several thousand Northern Ireland fans signed a petition to change what’s seen as an overly blue affair. Predictably, FFT disagrees. In short: we like it. Sorry, chaps.

17. Poland, home

The thought of Polish football evokes memories of Grzegorz Lato and Zbigniew Boniek, and they’d be proud to wear this number. It’s classical yet… what’s a posh word for ‘swirly’?

16. England, home

Nike’s decision to tear up the rulebook and design matching shirts and shorts with different socks pays off here. Bar one-off games, England haven’t played in white-white-red before. Better late than never.

15. Hungary, home

Attractive collar + attractive colour contrast = attractive kit.

14. Switzerland, away

The hooped socks are an acquired taste, but the top is delectable. The Swiss flag’s imprint on that central bar works perfectly.

13. Russia, away

This huge improvement on Russia’s home kit shows how you should imprint a crest on a football jersey. Very nice, if a little t-shirty.

12. Austria, away

Classical, refined, unassuming – it’ll fit Marko Arnautovic perfectly.

11. Spain, away

Call us crazy, but this is great: daring, vibrant, reminiscent of USA 94 and memorable – definitely memorable. The only problem is that, like the Russian away shirt, the pattern seems more suited to a t-shirt.

48-31 • 30-21 • 20-11 • 10-1