Ranked! Every kit at Euro 2016: which gets your vote?

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10 & 9. Turkey, home and away

Oh wow. Now, it’s possible that after so many designs FFT is imagining seeing-eye puzzles, but if these are real then hats off. These are fine, fine football kits; the home one even works as a Spider-Man costume.

8. Northern Ireland, away

If the home kit splits opinion, this is a surefire winner. With two-tone green shading and simplicity of design, it’s an understated gem, right at home in Norn Iron’s historical kit canon. It’s just that double collar…

7. Spain, home

Spain’s home jersey incorporates the away shirt’s triangles (a tribute to their passing game, perhaps) with just a touch more subtlety. And, despite featuring four colours, the whole ensemble isn’t too busy. Yes, we used the word ‘ensemble’ – what of it?

6. Croatia, away

What is it about the blue tones of Croatia’s away kits that makes them look so good? This is a beauty, even by their own high standards.

5. Belgium, home

This typically strong Belgian effort gets every shade perfect, and demonstrates well why Adidas changed the positioning of their stripes. There’s a lot going on – the back looks very different from the front – but it’s one of the best home kits at Euro 2016. Even Marouane Fellaini looks good in it… ish.

4. France, away

Oh, j’aime ça. The Tricolor is back – or more specifically, on the shoulders. Beautiful. In fact, looking at this kit actually makes us a bit emotional. Moving on…

3. Italy, away

Italy’s home kit may not be ‘quite right’ but their change strip more than makes up for it. The central crest, the use of the Italian flag, the subtle sleeves – mwah. It even makes V-necks look good.

2. Belgium, away

Great football kits are rarely inspired by cycling jerseys. Do correct us if we’re wrong. Adidas, however, cocked a snook to us doubters with a sublime away kit for Belgium’s Euro 2016 campaign, in a nod to the country’s proud history of being quite good on two wheels. It’s superb.

1. Croatia, home

It shouldn’t work. It just shouldn’t work. The wavy pattern, the blue stripe, the chequered socks (oh, the chequered socks)… yet it does. Croatia’s home kits always look gorgeous, but the billowing flag effect somehow improves upon perfection. Trouble is: how can Nike top it?

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