Top 10: Great goals wasted in meaningless games

Timing, as they say, is everything – yet so often our greatest moments are sullied by their insignificance. With that in mind, Jack Lang and Joe Brewin present these superb goals wasted…

1) Radamel Falcao vs America De Cali

Falcao might not have impressed Old Trafford (no thanks to his physio fetish), but El Tigre has proved in the past that he's capable of stonking net-busters like this, casually tossed off in a May 2012 friendly for Atletico Madrid in Colombia.

Did the Colombian have a right to attempt an effort on goal after eyeing up Diego's drifted corner? No, no he did not. But, with his back to goal 16 yards out, the striker launched legs over head to rifle an obscene overhead kick into the top corner. Jose Mourinho had better fire up YouTube.    

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