Top 11 Best Tackles

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11. PAOLO MALDINI on Bosko Balaban, 2000


The interception tackle has a certain beauty to it, and given our proclamation of the death of the tackle is due to defenders staying on their feet and reading attacks, it's only right we kick off this list with a master of tackling without going to ground.

No one is better placed to display the interception than Paulo Maldini. The legendary left-back is said to averaged only one challenge every two games throughout his 25-year career, because a great defender – tactically astute and blessed with great timing – simply shouldn't need to tackle.

In this Champions League third qualifying round game against Dinamo Zagreb, the Italian ghosts in to pinch the ball from an unsuspecting Bosko Balaban just before he is about to strike.

Keeping the ball in a tackle is, of course, incredibly useful, as it gives your side a platform to launch a counter-attack. But most entertainingly, when perfectly committed like this it leaves your opponents bewildered.