Top 11 Best Tackles

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6. STEVEN GERRARD on Phil Jagielka, 2008

This Steven Gerrard double-tackle on Phil Jagielka makes the list for sheer bloodymindedness. You can just imagine him screaming, "I'LL GET YOOOUUUUU!" as he closes in on the Everton man.

It always brings a wince to hear an English footballer – especially a young talent – speak of how the Three Lions' 'passion' will lead them to victory over those wily, technically superior Spaniards/Dutchmen/Germans/etc. But sometimes, heart really does win the battle.

The epitome of the ‘never say die’ English mentality, Gerrard is clearly pumped up for his side’s Merseyside derby clash with Everton. The Liverpool midfielder bests Jagielka with a sliding tackle, then hounds him back into his own half and smashes him with a doubly brutal challenge.

(You might have to ignore the fact he's about twelve feet off the floor as he comes crashing in the second time.)