The world's greatest ground? A photographic centenary celebration of Highbury

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25. A panorama and a puzzle

A minor mystery you may be able to help solve (if so, or @GaryParkinson with #AFC78, please). All we know about this pleasing panorama of Highbury is that it was taken in 1978, directly underneath the Clock End timepiece. 

The visitors - not exceedingly well supported, judging by the sparsely-populated seats at the south end of the West Stand - are playing in yellow, but there's not much evidence of any colours on the terraces except red. 
Mind you, in those days it wasn't always advisable to show your colours at away grounds. On an unrelated note, check out the suedehead stood a few steps in front of the cameraman, his braces round his buttocks (as was sometimes the style) and apparently IAN shaved into the back of his head (as was never the fashion).