28 July 2017
Kiyan Sobhani turns Mystic Meg to make some gutsy forecasts ahead of the new campaign
7 July 2017
Three years ago this month, Brazil’s World Cup humbling rocked football. But what results over the last two decades have sent the biggest shockwaves through the football world?
29 June 2017
Every England footballer to feature in a World Cup match in the last two decades. Can you name all 64?
13 June 2017
The new South Korean president has told FIFA they want to host the 2030 World Cup with North Korea
9 June 2017
The country's FA have released a statement saying sorry for their failure to mark the tragic events in England's capital last weekend. 
5 June 2017
FIFA has issued a response amid concerns that the dispute between Qatar and neighbouring Gulf states could damage World Cup preparations.
Cristiano Ronaldo
31 May 2017
He was branded a showpony, then a pariah, as his future at Old Trafford looked to be on the rocks. But in 2006, Cristiano Ronaldo strapped a rocket launcher to his career
19 May 2017
Supporters thinking of going may be sceptical about security, but some Russian scientists think they have the solution.
Vincent Kompany
16 May 2017
Jose Mourinho has regularly questioned the steel of some of his players, but these 11 sacrificed it all to be on the pitch – whether for the team's benefit or for their own glory tends to vary... 
manchester united
16 May 2017
From back-flips to gyrating hips: can you name the 20 footballers lauding their own post-goal brilliance?


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