Chelsea Manchester United
18 February 2019
It's now one of the biggest games in English football – but how many of these goal-getters do you remember?
Chelsea FA Cup
15 February 2019
When the world’s oldest trophy takes over the weekend, it’s only right to test your history
John Terry Champions League
13 February 2019
Some people probably never want to hear that anthem again...
Manchester United Champions League
12 February 2019
The resurgent Red Devils are back in action against PSG on Tuesday night – but can you recall their sharpshooters since 2009/10?
Pogba and Martial
11 February 2019
The France national team lit up Russia last year, but who does the same on a weekly basis in England?
Frank Lampard Manchester City Chelsea
8 February 2019
We’re going all the way back to 1994 for this one...
Harry Redknapp Tottenham
7 February 2019
Pep this, Klopp that… but what about the blokes from home shores who’ve served their time in England’s top flight?
Pep Guardiola
6 February 2019
The Catalan’s motley crew can go top tonight for the first time since beating Watford on December 4. We’re after every man he’s used since taking charge...
Klopp Aubameyang
5 February 2019
We’re going back to summer 2011 for this one – but how good is your knowledge of the German’s dealings since then?


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