Wayne Rooney
6 December 2019
Each of these men have made their mark on the Manchester derby since the year 2003, from the 11-goal leader to several one-strike wonders
Jurgen Klopp
5 December 2019
As Jurgen Klopp joins the Hundred Club, we look at everyone to have battled their way to at least a half century of Premier League wins. You just need to name them...
John Terry
4 December 2019
The former Chelsea captain returns to Stamford Bridge tonight as Aston Villa's assistant head coach, so we look back on the good, great and sacked-for-using-cocaine team-mates of his time in west London
Ballon d'Or
3 December 2019
As Lionel Messi sets a new record for Ballon d'Ors, we test you on every player to win it in the last quarter of a century
Unai Emery
2 December 2019
As Arsenal and Watford see managers depart, we're looking for the last 50 full-time Premier League bosses and the clubs they’ve steered to failure or glory. Mainly failure...
29 November 2019
20 years' worth of scorers to name, 10 minutes to do it.
Aubameyang Arsenal Europa League
28 November 2019
Spoiler: you absolutely cannot, but that’s no reason not to try
26 November 2019
The biggest and most sought-after stars gracing our screens every other week in Europe's elite competition
Manchester City
25 November 2019
Playmakers now seem to be in positions all over the pitch – making this kind of quiz even harder than usual
22 November 2019
The second most important Premier League table of any season


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