17 May 2019
Cup finalists, there's been a few, but then agai– oh, just name them please
17 May 2019
Which newbies have become ever-presents for their teams this season?
Chelsea FA Cup 2018
16 May 2019
We'd like you to name the competition's most recent winners going back to 1925 (!) – starting with the defending champions
16 May 2019
Each of these players have a hat-trick of Premier League medals, from the one-club men to those who’ve won titles across different teams
Mohamed Salah
15 May 2019
Basically the most important element of the end of the season
Son Heung-min Tottenham
14 May 2019
A very difficult quiz for a very special occasion...
13 May 2019
Who have been the dirtiest footballers to grace us with their presence this year?
Thierry Henry Roma
9 May 2019
Lucas Moura did it representing Tottenham in the semi-finals on Wednesday night – but which other Prem stars past and present have achieved the feat?
9 May 2019
Lucas Moura doesn't quite make the cut, despite last night's heroics. So who does?
8 May 2019
In short: no, you can't (unless you are literally Wikipedia). But how many of the top marksmen from the 25 seasons of Europe's premier competition can you name?  


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