Alan Shearer Player of the Month
3 September 2019
No, Alan Shearer doesn't quite make the cut – we've just been thinking about him all day
Roberto Firmino Liverpool
2 September 2019
Roberto Firmino became the first Seleção star to net 50 goals in England's top flight – but can you name his compatriots who've also made an impression since 1992? 
30 August 2019
It’s every player who’s got on the scoresheet in the north London derby since the start of the 1992/93 season. Name these heroes/enemies…
Tottenham Arsenal 4-4
30 August 2019
Revisiting the classic encounter that pitched Arsene Wenger against Harry Redknapp. No, honestly, it was great
Chris Smalling Roma
29 August 2019
With Chris Smalling on his way out to Roma on loan, can you name the long-serving Red Devils who’ve featured most often in the league since 1992/93?
Champions League appearances quiz
29 August 2019
Watching all the semi-finals every year won’t be enough to get you through this one...
28 August 2019
​It’s been a busy three weeks for the top flight’s onion bags
2001 FA Cup Final
23 August 2019
As the two sides prepare to take each other on at Anfield this weekend, we look back to the last time they played in a major final. A daylight robbery if ever we saw one... 
Champions League trophy
22 August 2019
This lot have all turned out regularly in Europe’s premier competition – with the odd surprise…


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