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26 September 2018
Tan Cheng Hoe must give these players a chance to prove themselves before the AFF Suzuki Cup in November.
Ryan Mason
26 September 2018
Ryan Mason was part of the same Tottenham academy generation as Harry Kane, but after representing his boyhood team and his country, his life took a different turn – one which left him lucky to be alive at all
26 September 2018
Jom kita tinjau tujuh pemain tengah terbaik sepanjang zaman negara.
Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA Best
25 September 2018
The Juventus star failed to recognise former team-mate Luka Modric at all, Back of the Net reports
Federico Macheda
25 September 2018
Whenever a young footballer bursts onto the scene, we expect them to maintain their upward trajectory. But as the following examples prove, that isn't always how things turn out...
25 September 2018
Mengingati Tan Sri Datuk Abdul Ghani Minhat yang hebat
24 September 2018
Luqman Hakim is in the inevitable position this week. Find out why.
23 September 2018
Kelab Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) Kelantan bersinar terang sebelum dibubarkan kerana krisis kewangan.
Arsenal Europa League
22 September 2018
Unai Emery starting to wonder if he imagined the whole Europa League match, Back of the Net reports
Lucy Bronze
22 September 2018
Serving up slices was a lark for England and Lyon's marauding full-back, who tells FourFourTwo about life in France – and the only decent telly she can find... 
Romelu Lukaku Man United
22 September 2018
The Manchester United striker’s scoring record in big games is criticised, but his excellent and improving all-around contributions are underappreciated, writes Graham Ruthven
Marcelo Bielsa
21 September 2018
If you thought Brian Clough’s Leeds spell was fraught, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Bielsa has inspired a generation of top coaches to become winners – and a string of club owners to pull their hair out