Asian Cup qualifying

29 June 2017
Nelo Vingada has had a baptism of fire in Malaysian football since becoming head coach of the national team in May, but as he told FourFourTwo, outside criticism doesn't bother him one bit...
23 June 2017
In part one of our chat with new Malaysia coach Nelo Vingada, he stated his belief Malaysia can qualify for the 2019 Asian Cup despite an opening game setback at the hands of Lebanon on June 13.
14 June 2017
It is still very early days for Nelo Vingada as Malaysia coach, but the Portuguese noted some familiar concerns when he assessed his side’s 2-1 defeat to Lebanon.
13 June 2017
A proud former Malaysian captain, Safiq Rahim shocked the country when he retired from Harimau Malaya in July 2016. Now back in the fold, he told Vijhay Vick the reasons behind his retirement, what made him change his mind and how qualifying for the 2019 Asian Cup could be the highlight of his international career.
12 June 2017
Southeast Asian interest in 2018 World Cup qualifying faded as Thailand sank to the bottom of Group B. Fortunately, there is still plenty going on in the region when it comes to the 2019 Asian Cup. FourFourTwo takes a look at four ASEAN teams and how they may fare in Tuesday’s next round of games.
12 June 2017
If football fans worried more about their Lions than a 10-second glimpse of a jet-lagged Lionel Messi, Singapore might not lose crucial home matches to relative minnows like Taiwan, argues Neil Humphreys…
12 June 2017
Asian Cup Qualifiers | Larkin Stadium | Tue June 13 | 9.45pm
2 June 2017
V.Sundramoorthy has been busy since his appointment and recently completed his first year as Singapore’s head coach. What has he accomplished so far? FourFourTwo takes a close look…
17 May 2017
The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has decided to postpone Malaysia's Asian Cup qualifying clash with North Korea again due to 'geo-political tension on the Korean Peninsula'.
15 March 2017
The postponed North Korea-Malaysia tie originally slated for March 25 will now take place on June 8, but the venue is still undecided.


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