19 March 2018
Malaysia returns to the renovated Bukit Jalil Stadium for the first time since their 6-0 defeat to Palestine in November 2015, with the Tigers taking on Mongolia in a friendly on Thursday. FourFourTwo looks back at seven classic matches Harimau Malaya played at the venue.
22 February 2018
Financial institution Public Bank once emerged as a big-time player in Malaysian football, taking a club from the third-tier FAM League all the way to Malaysia Super League (MSL) runners-up in just four years. Within 12 months they were gone from the scene, but their history dates back well before that heady period...
15 January 2018
The introduction of the ASEAN quota has opened up opportunities for more players from this region to ply their trade in the upcoming season of the Malaysia Super League (MSL) and Cambodia is no exception.
12 January 2018
Having completed his five-month ban, Pahang coach Dollah Salleh is eager for the 2018 Malaysia Super League (MSL) campaign to commence. The former Malaysia coach told FourFourTwo that while his squad lacks quality compared to 2017, the Elephants had the fighters he needs.
26 December 2017
Tanggal 12 Jun 1991, adalah hari aksi sulung dan terakhir di antara skuad senior England dan Malaysia yang berlansung di Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.
23 November 2017
The need for foreign input is often debated in Malaysian football and it is an easily justifiable option considering the past six Malaysia Super League (MSL) winners have all had imported coaches at the helm. Here FourFourTwo takes a look back at the records of local and foreign coaches in domestic competitions since the MSL commenced in 2004.
22 November 2017
Before Bukit Jalil Stadium and Shah Alam Stadium were built, Merdeka Stadium was the home of the Malaysia national team, during a time when Harimau Malaya had plenty of reasons to be proud of their football.
27 October 2017
A car accident saw Shahdan Zahari’s career as a footballer come to a premature end at the age of 23, and ten years later he sadly passed away. FourFourTwo speaks to several of the striker’s former teammates, who recall Shahdan’s prowess and what could have been...
25 October 2017
Nama Shukor Adan sememangnya cukup sinonim dengan kancah bola sepak Malaysia, selepas hampir dua dekad bergelar pemain profesional. Shukor berkongsi pahit manis pengalamannya sebagai antara pemain paling senior dalam Liga Super serta, beberapa pengalaman hidupnya yang tidak pernah didedahkan sebelum ini.
16 October 2017
Dua puluh satu tahun yang lalu, Malaysia berjaya melangkah masuk final Piala Tiger, di mana mereka tewas 1-0 kepada satu jaringan tunggal oleh pemain handalan Thailand, Kiatisuk Senamuang. Di sini, Vijhay Vick meneliti percaturan Wan Jamak Wan Hassan di era dulu...


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