21 September 2017
Liga Perdana Inggeris sering diperkatakan sebagai destinasi pilihan, namun tidak buat pemain-pemain yang berikut.
18 September 2017
Dia dilabel pemain yang hanya tahu menunjukkan kemahirannya, kemudian diberi layanan kurang baik oleh penyokong lawan tatkala kariernya di Old Trafford dalam keadaan terumbang-ambing. Tetapi selepas tiga musim di Manchester United pada 2006, Cristiano Ronaldo menjelmakan kebangkitan dan kematangan dalam kariernya. 
14 September 2017
They may have been earning the big bucks during their playing careers, but that did not stop these footballers from going bust. Here FourFourTwo lists five footballers who went bankrupt...
12 September 2017
Fan engagement, player monitoring and even predicting the body types of potential future professionals can be predicted by data which clubs like Arsenal are now using in the modern game.
11 September 2017
It's an unfortunate fact of life that injuries and illnesses can strike anyone and professional footballers certainly aren't immune. Here are eight footballers from across the globe that had to overcome medical concerns during their careers...
5 September 2017
The transfer merry-go-round has been completed once more and FourFourTwo didn’t want to miss out so we made a pre-season signing of our own!
1 September 2017
Antara 10 perpindahan yang membuatkan ramai tidak senang duduk
21 July 2017
The supply of Southeast Asian talents to stronger football leagues across the globe has been reduced to a mere trickle in recent times. Considering the passion for the sport in the region, the current situation is unacceptable, as Scott McIntyre reports...
13 June 2017
He's enjoyed great success working with football, rugby league and rugby union, both in Australia and Europe. Now, Bradley Charles Stubbs – a man who works directly with coaches on improving their craft – is targeting some even bigger fish...
12 June 2017
So many children the world over start kicking a football around at a young age and a seed is planted, a dream of what might happen one day, well into the future.


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