3 January 2017
Mereka ini layak digelar wira - atas beberapa sebab… 
21 December 2016
Well established on the home front? Check. Significant inroads made into America and Australia? Check. So, what's next for the City Football Group? Asia of course...
19 December 2016
Pep Guardiola's star-studded side is only the tip of the iceberg at Manchester City. Investing locally, overseas, in youth and in their women's team, the Premier League club has one ultimate goal: global domination.
19 December 2016
For all the attacking talent Manchester City have on display, the club also identified a young English defender in its recent recruiting drive who is considered a critical figure in Pep Guardiola's plans...
19 December 2016
He missed a significant portion of last season through injury, but still carried off Manchester City's player of the year award. Imagine what a fully fit Belgian could achieve this campaign...
19 December 2016
In chapter three, we discover it's important for the club to continue winning and securing silverware, but building blocks are also being put in place to ensure much longer-term success...
19 December 2016
In the second part of our look into the evolution of Manchester City, we discover the key protagonists in the next step of the project and get more of an insight into Pep Guardiola's philosophy...
18 December 2016
In the first part of our in-depth feature on the incredible progress being made by Manchester City at all levels, we commence with Pep Guardiola's arrival at the club and his immediate impact...
16 December 2016
Liverpool FC and Standard Chartered’s LFC World makes its next stop in Kuala Lumpur until Sunday 18th December. 
9 November 2016
The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has disputed Interpol’s former international corruption investigations head Chris Easton’s claims that Malaysia is the new hub for match-fixing. 


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