European Championship

manchester united
17 May 2017
From back-flips to gyrating hips: can you name the 20 footballers lauding their own post-goal brilliance?
4 May 2017
Club and international matches between teams in CONMEBOL and UEFA are likely to happen, Alejandro Dominguez says.
1 May 2017
Germany and Turkey have received the requirements from UEFA for their Euro 2024 bids, including historic criteria on human rights.
Reynald Pedros
25 March 2017
Twenty-one years ago, the attacking midfielder was a rising star in the French Euro 96 squad whose name was spoken in the same breath as Zinedine Zidane. One missed penalty later, and his life in football took a very different turn
8 March 2017
UEFA has confirmed that Germany and Turkey were the only countries to hold an interest in Euro 2024 and will compete to host the tournament.
1 March 2017
Germany has joined Turkey in submitting a declaration of interest to host Euro 2024, with a joint-Scandinavian pitch also expected.
27 February 2017
UEFA's president has some concern over Lionel Messi and Neymar being denied entry to the UK for the Champions League final.
17 February 2017
The German Football Association will choose 10 stadiums from the 18 that have applied to be part of its bid to host Euro 2024.
15 February 2017
Following unsuccessful attempts to land Euro 2008, 2012 and 2016, Turkey will once again look to land the European Championship in 2024.
25 January 2017
Hosting Euro 2016 pumped more than €1.2billion into the French economy, a report has revealed.


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