Are these the 17 worst kits of the 2016/17 season?

From Porto to Leicester, Roma to Crystal Palace, Huw Davies has picked out some of the worst kits of the new campaign

17. Celtic, third

That’s a brave choice of colour, lads. It’s even ballsier, though, to claim the kit is inspired by the Lisbon Lions, as if everybody in 1960s Glasgow wore neon pink. But the match tickets were that colour, you see. Because that’s what everyone remembers about the ’67 European Cup Final.

16. Real Madrid, home

Real Madrid’s 2016/17 home kit isn’t awful – not compared to that monstrosity above – but it isn’t quite right, either. Other shirts suit Adidas’ repositioning of their stripes; here, however, the sleeves feel empty without them. The collar sits oddly, too.

15. Hertha Berlin, home

While we like the differently-coloured shoulders on most new Nike shirts (England, say), it doesn’t work as well with stripes.

14. Southampton, home

For some reason, Southampton hate their regular kit. At least, that’s how it seems from their constant experiments with it. 2010/11: Too much white. 2012-14: Too much red. 2014/15: Can we have diagonals as well? 2016/17: Actually, what we’re really missing is a training bra.

13. Borussia Monchengladbach, home and away

Presenting, m’lud, exhibits A and B in the Attempted Murder case of Sponsors vs Kits.

12. Inter, third

The Nerazzurri’s first strip is gorgeous. The second’s nice, too. The third just ain’t right. Neither shade’s unappealing, but blend them together and the result is an art student’s paint palette on a particularly hot day.

11. Roma, third 

See above. Anyone for a Fruit Salad?