The art of Urban Hunting

Commissioned by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, three local street artists give their own interpretations of ‘Urban Hunting’…

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Meet Orkibal, Donald Abraham, and Fritilldea.

Who are they? Well, they are local artists from the four-man art collective Foursome KL, who have had their works featured on international art and culture magazine Juxtapoz and its web equivalent, Upper Playground, and were recently tasked to create artworks to adorn the Mercedes-Benz compact cars – the A-Class, CLA and GLA – as part of the automotive giants’ ‘Urban Hunting’ campaign. And your next question should be: what is ‘Urban Hunting’?

It is basically hunting for the thrills and adventures in the city. Life is not just about work. Within the hustle and bustle, there are prized gems that create excitement and are worth looking out, or perhaps more adequately, hunting, for. Hence, to encapsulate the concept, the trio gave their own interpretations of it through art.

Check out the documentary below that sheds some light on their journey to become artists and the inspirations behind their artworks.

Within days of completion, the cars were rolled out around Malaysia to the amazement of the locals. Pictures were snapped and videos were taken, as official Mercedes-Benz merchandise were given to a lucky few who uploaded the pictures tagged with #MyUrbanHunting to social media. In a sense, the cars were figuratively hunted and shot by the citizens.

And now, the three masterpieces have been showcased at ‘Urban Hunting Music’, a five-part club night series presented by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia in partnership with Club Hitz to celebrate the ultimate fusion of cars and music and take the ‘Urban Hunting’ concept to the next level.

The event kicked off at Cuvee, Penang on August 8, featuring special appearances by JinnyBoy and Michelle Lee and epic DJ sets by Leng Yein, Point Blanc, Jakeman and Skeletor, and is set to continue at Nagaba KL on August 15 and Lust KL on August 21 (the final two venues and dates will be confirmed soon). Admission is free, if you’re wondering.

Enough of hunting down the cars; it’s time to hunt for a great night out.