Ask Zlatan, and he will answer - live on Saturday

Your chance to put a poser to the PSG legend...

Ever wanted to ask Zlatan Ibrahimovic something? Of course you have: he's possibly the world's most interesting player. Well, now your dreams can come true… sort of. 
On Saturday, Zlatan will be answering fans' questions - via a Google Hangout and his animated alter-ego, as seen in these videos. Among those posing the questions will be FourFourTwo's Editor David Hall, who will select the best to put to Zlatan himself.
So what would you ask? Have a think and send us your question or questions - either via the comment form below, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Remember to use the hashtags #AskZlatan and #FFTZlatan, or your question could get lost. And even Zlatan can't answer what he doesn't get asked.