Chevrolet's Ultimate Pundit

After coming out on top in Chevrolet's Play the Pundit, IT specialist Jonathan Liew has won a trip of a lifetime to catch Manchester United taking on Norwich City at Old Trafford. FFT catches up with the ultimate pundit...

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Can you describe your emotions on the final day before you were crowned the winner?

I was so excited and nervous at the same time! I honestly could not sleep on the day before the final round of the competition, as I was leading the table and my rivals could have easily overtaken me if they did a good job.

How did you find out about Chevrolet's Play the Pundit in the first place?

It just so happened that I stumbled on that site. I was a bit surprised that Chevrolet had this competition, as I did not know that they have been closely involved with football, let alone with Manchester United.

Why did you decide to join then?

I decided to join because I have always enjoyed predicting football scores. I did not actually think I would win, though!

How did you play the game? Did you do research or go with your gut feeling?

A little bit of both. I would monitor the form of each team and see if their players especially the attackers are a bit shaky or on form.

You beat Astro SuperSport host Jason Dasey too! How did it make you feel?

Really?! I had no idea. I guess I can brag about it now. [Laughs]

As the winner, you will be going to Old Trafford to watch the Manchester United-Norwich City game. Is it the biggest prize you have won so far in your life?

Yes, it is, but I actually did not know about the grand prize until the final day! When I realised I could potentially win the game, I went to check the prizes and was shocked that I could win a trip to Old Trafford. My wife is particularly ecstatic about it because she has been bugging me for a honeymoon trip. [Laughs]

Great to hear that. Are you a Manchester United supporter by any chance?

Not really. [Laughs]

But what do you think of the sacking of David Moyes?

I thought he would at least stay on until I shake his hand at the Norwich game. [Laughs] Honestly, he should have been given more time to rebuild the team. In my opinion, the United team have been unbalanced ever since from the Ferguson days. They have good players but not outstanding. The only reason they did so well all these years was because of Sir Alex Ferguson, who was such a great manager.

Since you are so good in predicting scores, what’s your prediction for the United-Norwich game?

Norwich will be a tough game for United because they have been playing very well, but I think United will win it by a small margin. Perhaps 1-0 or 2-0.

Any final words for your Chevrolet's Play the Pundit “rivals”?

It was fun [playing with them]. I think Chevrolet and FourFourTwo did a great job organising the competition, so hopefully they will do another one to give others a chance to win.