Daniel Ting: I hope I can get the chance to prove myself in Malaysia

After Sam Somerville, another footballer with Malaysian roots has expressed his interest to play in Malaysia. Meet half-Malaysian, half-English Daniel Ting...

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Daniel Ting and I am 22 years old. I am currently playing semi-professional football for Droylsden Football Club in the Northern Premier League First Division North. I can play in various positions, but I mostly play as a left-back for Droyslden. I used to play for Crewe Alexandra, Market Drayton Town and Congleton Town.

We understand that you’re actually a half-Malaysian…

Yes, my father is a Malaysian and my mother is English. He moved from Sarawak to England when he was 25, but he goes back to Malaysia every year.

How about you? Do you visit Malaysia often?

The last time I was in Malaysia I was about nine years old. We went to see my father’s family members, who were all spread out across the country, so we ended up going to Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Penang. The main thing I remember is going on a boat ride down the Klang River and the locals pulling up right next to us in their boats with souvenirs. I haven't gone back since, but I plan to do so some time after I finish university.

Started his career at Crewe Alexandra

Do you speak any of the local languages?

Unfortunately I don’t. My dad can speak Mandarin, Foochow and Malay, but he was unable to teach me when I was growing up because of his work commitments. So, regrettably, it is just English for me.

We also understand that you're keen to play in Malaysia. What is your reason?

It is mainly because it would be great if I could play football in my father’s home country. Playing in Malaysia will be a challenge, so I hope I can get the chance to prove myself, whether that be next week or in a few years’ time. I love the mixture of cultures and the food as well. 

Some might say that you would be taking the "easy" way out by choosing to play in Malaysia. Any rebuttal to that?

I would say that there is no easy way out in football. It doesn't matter which country it is, you still have to be better than the thousands of people that I'm sure would love to play. 

Do you think that you can be a success here?

Well, I hope so. The fact that Junior Eldstal played at a similar level as me whilst he was in England is reassuring, so I believe I am good enough. I think it is just about being given the opportunity. If given the chance, I would definitely prove myself.

In action for Droyslden

Did you contact the Football Association of Malaysia about yourself?

I did send them an email a few months ago but never heard anything from them. Hopefully they'll read this and get in contact with me. It might have been better if I had written it in Malay. [laughs]

Your dad was from Sarawak. Will a move to the Crocs interest you?

Yeah, playing for my father’s state team will be great. They have a nice stadium and I gather that they've been pretty successful recently.

(Pictures: Daniel Ting)