Don't mess with them: Five hardcore Asian ultras

They're loud and they're proud. FFT picks out Asia's most die-hard groups of supporters...

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Ultras Malaya (Malaysia National Team)

The hardcore supporters of Malaysia's National Team are growing in number, year by year, since being formed in 2007 by 20 Malaysian national team fanatics.

While successes at the 2009 SEA Games gold medal and the 2012 AFF Cup victory helped boost Ultras Malaya’s number, they are far from glory-hunters. The organisation is well-managed, their communication line is clear and they are always behind their national team

Ultras Malaya often seen with their firecrackers drums, and flags

Like most ultras around the world, Ultras Malaya often seen with their firecrackers drums, and flags, and are heard chanting to support their team and intimidate their opponents.

Their fanaticism knows no boundaries, highlighted clearly when Malaysia hosted Saudi Arabia in Shah Alam Stadium two years ago. The referee of the match, Liu Kwok, stopped the game in the 88th minute because Ultras Malaya was throwing firecrackers and flares to the field.

The Ultras were angry with the Football Association of Malaysia, and wanted their voices heard. And heard they were.