FFT May 2016: MSL Players' Poll

May's edition of FourFourTwo MY/SG will include the first-ever MSL Players' Poll and here's a snippet of some players' answers!  

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A total of 100 Malaysian players participated in this survey, with 65 coming from the Malaysia Super League. Another 25 surveyed came from the Malaysia Premier League while another 10 interviewed came from Football Association of Malaysia.

Twenty questions were asked and the whole survey was conducted anonymously and voluntarily, between December 2015 and March 2016. 

While some results were to be expected, there were some which raised eye-brows.


The opinion on working with foreign coaches was splitted, a surprising result as it is often believed locals preferred working with local coaches. But here's what some of the surveyed individuals said.

“If they come here, they must have proven track records. Otherwise they are not any better than our local coaches.” Premier League player

“I feel more confident training and playing under a foreign coach.” Super League player

“As long as he knows his stuff, I don’t really care whether my head coach is a local or a foreigner.” Super League player


Many times, the Malaysian Ultras have given their team stick. But the abuse does not stop there at times, as one wrong move on the pitch could set off the whole lot. For example, the fans took to flare-throwing midway through a game between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia in September, 2015.

Apparently, the Ultras had done so in protest of Malaysia's worst drubbing in history, following a 10-0 mauling by United Arab Emirates a few days prior.

While such behaviour cannot be condoned, the players believe the Ultras' presence are beneficial to football.

“They act like hooligans at times.” Super League player

“Whether you like them or not, you have to admit that they have made football more interesting and exciting.” Premier League player

“Football will be so boring without them.” Super League player

“I have met some of my team’s ultras outside football a few times, and some of them can be really nice and friendly.” Super League player

“Their fanaticism can be very dangerous.” Super League player


While many welcomed the LionsXII's exit from Malaysia football, at least 37% of those surveyed felt otherwise. Let's be honest, the LionsXII did bring about a rivalry which made Malaysia football more exciting. But it is debatable whether they actually aided our development...

“I think the league would’ve been even more exciting if the LionsXII were still competing in it.” Super League player

“They were a quality team, so it was always exciting to go against them. The fact they were from Singapore made me even more eager to beat them.” Super League player

“I’m glad that they are gone. Please don’t come back.” Premier League player

“I remember that the announcement [of their stay not being renewed] was made right before their Malaysia Cup match against Pahang. That was poorly done.” Super League player

“My team had a second chance at promotion, so I was not unhappy about their departure.” Super League player

“They shouldn’t have been in our league in the first place.” Super League player