FFT’s 2016 MSL Christmas Wishlist

It’s Christmas time again and there will be plenty of wishes for Santa Claus to fulfil. Malaysian football, after a turbulent year, are not short on wishes too. FourFourTwo takes a look at what the Malaysia Super League can ask for… 

Self-sustainable teams

One team – DRB-Hicom – has already pulled out of Malaysian football and there are at least three other State teams on verge of closing shop.

DRB-Hicom’s exit is unsurprising considering the lack of a fan base, but the potential exodus of Selangor, Kelantan and Perlis ring alarm bells. Majority of MSL teams have done little to market themselves to generate a sustainable income.

Selangor have been relying State Government funds for years while Kelantan lost their sponsors, presumably due to poor management.

Yet the financial turmoil may be a good thing for Malaysian football as teams have no choice but to work very hard. Some have taken the easy route of threatening to withdraw in hope of a windfall from the skies above, but Selangor fans have initiated a #RevampSelangorFootball campaign to save the Red Giants.

Selangor fans are rallying for a revolution. Photo: Kedah

The fans wants Selangor to become a fan-owned side under a to-be-formed company where stakeholders – the fans – will vote in the board of directors to run the club.

The move, if it takes off, will be revolutionary and is perhaps just what Malaysian football needs to move forward, especially after years of being in the rut under aging, incompetent and outdated state Football Associations.