Gerrard and Liverpool both still love you, fans told

The split between Steven Gerrard and Liverpool FC is not your fault, distraught fans have been told...

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Gerrard and the Anfield side agreed to end their 25-year relationship this weekend, after months of increasing disharmony and strife came to a head over the Christmas period.

After attempts to patch things up led nowhere, both parties agreed that by staying together, they were actually hurting the ones they cared about the most.

Club and player today issued a joint statement telling tearful red-shirted supporters that despite the break-up, Liverpool and the man they call 'Mr Liverpool' both still love them very much and always will.

"Situations like this are always toughest on the fans," neighbour Bill Kenwright told FourFourTwo.

"They'll be wondering if it's their fault, if Stevie [Gerrard] might have stayed if they hadn't constantly demanded attention and trophies and kisses on the badge.

"But in time, they'll come to accept that they just weren't meeting one another's mutual needs. Steven [Gerrard] had lost that spark, and Liverpool are just drifting along aimlessly. They were only together for the sake of the Kop."

"Frankly I'm amazed Stevie G[errard] stayed as long as he did," said mutual friend Jamie Carragher.

"Liverpool have always been impulsive, indecisive and terrible with money. They're really not suited to a long-term relationship at all. All they had in common with Ste[ven Gerrard] was a total lack of self-awareness."

Fans are expected to remain at Anfield, except for summers and occasional weekends, when Gerrard will look after them. Experts believe that once they get over the initial shock of rejection, fans will grow accustomed to celebrating special occasions with both their loved ones, assuming either of them ever have anything to celebrate again.

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