How the 2015 Malaysian Super League would look without goals by local players

You have seen the alternative 2015 Malaysian Super League table with only Malaysian goal-scorers; now get ready for the one with only goals by foreign players…

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Did you know that foreign players – including Singaporeans – scored 64% of the total goals in the recently concluded 2015 Malaysian Super League season? With that in mind, we have decided to look at how the season would turn out if we took out all the goals scored by local players…

In this hypothetical situation, Pahang would comfortably win the league title ahead of JDT, and most teams would get more points than they actually got in the real league standings. Depending on how you view that, it could mean either they were too dependent on their foreign stars, or those players were simply worth their salt. However, the likes of JDT, Selangor and Terengganu would suffer heavily. If they were without any of their local goal-scorers, they would drop more than 10 points down the league table.

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