From that Maracana screamer to his unveiling in Madrid, James talks FFT through his 2014 photos − while picking up his latest trophy...

The Uruguay volley

[Smiles] “Wow. This was an incredible moment. I had my back to goal, and looked quickly over my shoulder to see that Uruguay had three players behind me, but nobody breathing down my neck. So I thought...
... ‘Why not shoot?’ So I believed in myself, turned and shot immediately. The keeper was in the middle of the goal, so I had total conviction that if I shot to the corners, it would go in. It was a beautiful goal.”

Alves and Luiz

“I felt great sadness here. I’d long dreamt about reaching a World Cup final, even a semi-final. It was a tough game, but here you have David Luiz and Dani Alves commiserating me. Luiz said he was very happy for me because I’d had a great tournament. His gesture here is something that will stay with me for a long time.”

Celebrations in Bogota

“The country had gone totally crazy, because this was the first time Colombia had reached the quarter-finals. It was almost as if we’d won the tournament! It was great fun to see the streets so full of people, from babies all the way up to people in their nineties. We’ll carry these incredible moments in our hearts forever.”

His Bernabeu unveiling

“I’d always dreamt about playing for Real Madrid and my first time on the Bernabeu pitch was incredible. But I think these photos reflect my caring and loving side. It’s part of my character to help people. As a child, I’d have wanted to hug Zidane or Ronaldo at their unveiling, and I remembered that. I always try to put myself in other people’s shoes.”

Assisting in his first Clasico

“Ah, the Clasico. It was a great game for us. You can see I still had the little cut on my left eye from the Liverpool game earlier in the week, but that only helps me remember the moment. I was so happy to assist Karim in such an important game [for Real Madrid’s third goal in a 3-1 win]. These are moments I’ll never forget for my whole life.”