Ken Ilso: The footballer aspiring to be a lawyer

His primary job is to score the goals for his club but once he goes off the pitch, Ken Ilso has a different role at home, he once told FourFourTwo...

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A normal weekend without club duties for a full-time footballer might comprise spending time with the family, sleeping in or indulging in some leisure activity but the same does not apply to former Home United striker Ken IIso.

He, on the other hand, logs in to his online student portal and starts watching his video lectures that take up to four to eight hours of his time. Why?

Because the Danish forward is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law with the Southern Danish University.

Having a full-time profession as a footballer while studying requires the utmost dedication to time management and although the striker labels the juggling act as ‘challenging’, he told FourFourTwo that he does it because he needs more possibilities in life after football.

“One of the reasons I am doing law because it is so wide in a jobs perspective. It gives so much of opportunities inside the football world as well – like an agent or a middle man or whatever you want to call it.” said the 31-year-old, who is in the midst of his five-year course.

“I just don’t want the possibility of only staying in football after I retire because I want to be able to do something else as well."

Ken Ilso has captured the imagination of many in the S.League

The former Bundesliga striker with Fortuna Düsseldorf, who does not have his own agent, also says that the law degree will help him understand contracts put before him in the meantime as professional footballer.

“I want myself to be able to understand my contract and obligations too. It will be good to understand the contracts you are given and can also negotiate them.”

It’s no surprise law was his choice of study, considering his career path so far. Ilso has already played in countries like Holland, China and Germany.

He has spent his last two years in Singapore, where he captured the imagination of Singaporeans.

His former coach Philippe Aw backed his decision to take up a law degree, saying there is only so much more football Ilso can play.

“It is good for Ken IIso because a footballing career is actually very short. He is at the age where he is in his 30s, his career will end soon and he something to consider after that,” Aw said.

He added: “If you can balance it properly (playing and studying) then it is great for you!”

IIso will not be the only footballer to have chased paper qualifications off the field – Manchester United playmaker Juan Mata studied Journalism, Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp has a degree in medical engineering at the University of Bath and Singapore footballer Fabian Kwok of Tampines Rovers has a degree in Business Management at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM-RMIT).