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Mystery goal No.1

Which much-loved (ahem) former Gunner bedazzled Fulham in December 2010?

Mystery goal No.2

Cristiano Ronaldo definitely hated this Champions League semi-final goal from 2011...

Mystery goal No.3

A superb volleyed through-ball set up this goal – the final strike of a derby rout in 2011/12...

Mystery goal No.4

This guy scored one of the best goals at Euro 2012... 

Mystery goal No.5

Spectacular Dutch delight from a Premier League team who enjoyed great success in 2012/13.

Mystery goal No.6

This tiki-taka treat in London was one of the Premier League's best in 2013/14.

Mystery goal No.7

This long-ranger wasn't a bad way to start a league match for this goalkeeper.

Mystery goal No.8

An opposition midfielder slipped on his ****ing **** and gave the ball to this grateful striker...

Mystery goal No.9

This was a big-name striker's first, and to date only, World Cup goal.

Mystery goal No.10

Arguably, 2014's biggest goal.

Mystery goal No.11

The late, winning goal from a recent Premier League game.

The answers!

1) Samir Nasri: Arsenal 2-1 Fulham (December 2010)
2) Lionel Messi: Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona (April 2011)
3) Edin Dzeko: Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City (October 2011)
4) Danny Welbeck: England 3-2 Sweden (June 2012)
5) Robin van Persie: Manchester United 3-0 Aston Villa (April 2013)
6) Jack Wilshere: Arsenal 4-1 Norwich (October 2013)
7) Asmir Begovic: Stoke City 1-1 Southampton (November 2013)
8) Demba Ba: Liverpool 0-2 Chelsea (April 2014)
9) Wayne Rooney: England 1-2 Uruguay (June 2014)
10) Mario Gotze: Germany 1-0 Argentina (July 2014)
11) Harry Kane: Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal (February 2015)