One year on, FMLLP still has much to improve

Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP), the baby of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM)-MP& Silva tie-up and supposedly the future of domestic football in the country, is preparing for a second season. FourFourTwo takes a look at some areas for improvement. 

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Just over a year since FMLLP took ‘control’ of the top leagues and cup competitions in Malaysia, there are already calls to return the running of the league to Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

It has not been smooth and sailing for FMLLP yet with financial concerns, lack of real progress in domestic competition and the constant need to refer matters to FAM. It is no secret that FAM, or rather several individuals in the national body, still micro-manage FMLLP.

FMLLP was expected to be independent of FAM, for most matters at least, but has still failed to so. A league congress has yet to be formed while the new direction has yet to yield returns, largely because of the lack of broadcast partners.

Yet going back to what it was before would only mean a step back, and presumably in the wrong direction.

A FAM-run league has brought up many issues in the past, some reoccurring ones that still haunt Malaysian football until this very day.

The arrangements and sharing of the financial pot may not be ideal but FMLLP remains Malaysia’s best bet. FMLLP, however, has room for improvement and needs to address them (and get cooperation from others) before it comes to nothing.