In Other News: Portland Timbers hit back at LA Galaxy's shooting stars video meme

An educational viewing, especially for LA Galaxy fans...

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Just like the upcoming solar eclipse, LA Galaxy - in March - unintentionally foreshadowed this shining star from the Portland Timbers.

You see, when LA lost at home to Portland, things were a little, for lack of a better term, trippy, in the City of Angels.

The 5-time MLS Cup winners posted the following video on its social media channels to large applause via the clapping emoji (but was rather frowned upon from the head honchos at the MLS offices).

The Timbers, meanwhile, retorted back with a "we'll be back." But when?! WHEN?!

The answer? August 7, 2017. Portland's keeping things hip and weird and educational. Thanks to the Timbers, now we all know of the now-burnt out Stevie G 8 star constellation.