Penang fan realistic about the season ahead

Like so many MSL clubs, Penang have already targeted some lofty goals this season. But for Panthers fan Amin, a mid-table finish will be more than enough to keep him happy...

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It may have only been a friendly, but there was a decent turn out of fans for Penang's pre-season clash with Kuala Lumpur on January 14.

First we have to prove that we can play in the top league

It ended 0-0 but Amin, a 30-year-old lecturer from the island and big Penang fan, was a little concerned about the season ahead and whether the Panthers had made the right recruiting decisions.

“What we need to do is start trialing players before we sign them from overseas,” Amin told FourFourTwo. “Look at Kelantan, they have lots of friendlies before the season starts to look at imports, I don't know why we don't do that. It must be something to do with the management.

“Our coach Jacksen Tiago is Brazilian but has his experience in Indonesia and most of our imports come from there. We have had players who have scored lots of goals in Indonesia but didn't have an impact here.

“We have some good young players who need to be given a chance to show their ability. There are players like S. Kumaahran and others who played for Harimau Muda and they have some talent.

“They may be young but they have a lot of experience for their age and they deserve to play and not sit on the bench.”

Unlike some inside the club who want a trophy, Amin claims the fans are relatively realistic.

“We know we were lucky to get here. Last season was great but we were relying on the last day on the other team losing. The fans are excited but if we can finish in mid-table then that will be a good first season and then we can think about doing something else in the second season. First we have to prove that we can play in the top league.”

Photo: Penang FA