Quiz! Can you name the top 50 Premier League appearance-makers after 25 seasons?

Manchester United

From one-club men to those who've travelled far and wide: these are the 50 players who've featured in the most Premier League games. Name them...

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In 1992, there was a time before football was invented. Until Lord Rupert Murdoch said: “Let there be the Premier League.” And the people saw the light from the Sky and it was good.

Then Lord Rupert said: “And lo, let Brian Deane score the first goal.” And the people said: “Brian Deane? Are you sure? Is this the man you want first associated with your all-conquering global football brand?” And Lord Rupert said: “It will probably be fine.” And he was right.

Ok, we all realise football wasn’t really devised in 1992. In fact, the chap who sits atop this list actually has another 40 top-tier games to his name, after his appearances in the old First Division. Yet 25 seasons is a nice chunk of time to look back upon - and to honour the 50 players who’ve made the most appearances in that time.

So we’ve set you the task of naming as many as you can in 10 minutes, based on our clues of total appearances and the clubs they’ve played Premier League football for (not the same as every club they’ve played for, mind you).

So get inputting surnames now, starting with the 12 disciples who’ve played 500+ games, then let us know how you got on @FourFourTwo. Challenge some friends while you're at it, eh?

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