Quiz! Can you name the top active goalscorer for these 40 international sides?

As a Polish powerhouse has scores his 50th goal for his country, let’s test your knowledge of current international scorers

We seem to be living in a rich time for international goalscorers. Witness the fact that every player in the 10 top of the list below has 50+ goals. They can’t all have come against American Samoa (right?).

Crucially, this is without even delving into history. Each of the players below are the active highest scorers for their country – meaning they’re still playing and available for international football. That rules out international retirees such as Wayne Rooney and his 53 goals.

Below is each player’s international goal total, country - and as a bonus clue, the league where they currently ply their trade for their club side. Don’t say we aren’t kind to you.

Eight minutes are on the clock – let us know how you got on via Twitter @FourFourTwo (we’ll retweet the best scores if you don’t give answers away). Then challenge some pals too.

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