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Ranked! The 20 best Premier League kits of the '90s

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15. Leeds, home (1996-98)

Sometimes, as we all know, less is more. The plain kit can be a bit of a cop-out, but it can also be a beautiful piece of clean design. As a team who have worn all white since the 1960s, Leeds have enjoyed a few of these, but of their ’90s strips this one stands out. The sponsor’s logo is arguably a bit too high, but it makes up for it by being relatively small and unobtrusive.

14. Oldham, away (1992/93)

Quick: tell us five things about Oldham Athletic in the Premier League. Ian Marshall… Joe Royle… erm... Boundary Park is really cold… erm… that’s about it. Shame that more people don’t remember this shirt, because it’s lovely: a sort of reverse Ajax number which, appropriately enough, is how you might describe their team too.

13. Newcastle, home (1999/2000)

Actually, the one from 1992/93 was nicer, with its big blue Newcy Brown star in the middle, but this one makes the list because it was a return to form, coming after that awful shirt they had with a big shield on the back (the one Temuri Ketsbaia ripped off to kick seven bells out of an innocent advertising board). It’s also a lesson in an art which shouldn’t be complicated but plenty make a mess of: getting the proportions of stripes right.

12. Blackburn, away (1994/95)

Nice kits and success don’t always go hand-in-hand (Manchester United’s home shirt in 1999 was, for example, rubbish), but presumably Blackburn fans will have been extra delighted that their league title win was achieved in such terrific togs.

11. Chelsea, away (1992/93)

Pinstripes. Pinstripes always look smart on a football shirt. Do more pinstripes, kit designers. Pinstripes. More pinstripes please.