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Top 10: Goals of Mexico '86

Videos of the 10 finest goals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico; including Maradona, Lineker, Belanov, Josimar, Negrete, Laudrup, Careca...

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1. Diego Maradona, Argentina vs England

You’ve seen the Best Goal Ever a zillion times, but it still looks tasty.

England’s players continue to point the finger at each other ("they’re all to blame – nothing to do with me," protested Peter Reid recently) but the fact remains that the Argentine wiggles like an lubed eel past top-notch tacklers like Reid, Fenwick, Butcher and Stevens before slotting the ball coolly into the English net. "The Thermos-head Shilton didn’t see that one!" said Diego later, confirming his utter genius and madness all at once.