Top 50 World Cup model fans

There are those who insist those flawless World Cup beauties picked out - apparently at random - from crowds of thousands in a stadium are actually models, given free tickets by FIFA to add a touch of glamour to the games.

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But the idea of FIFA giving anything away for nothing is clearly absurd...and it's also undermined by the fact that one blonde Belgian fan (who's on the next page) was snapped up on a modelling contract for L'Oreal after the cameras focused in on her.

The alternative is that the World Cup simply draws some of the most beautiful women to it like bees to honey. To be sure, we had another look through our files of pics from this World Cup and picked our latest top 50 model fans.

We're not sure, never having been to one, but we somehow doubt you'll see anything like this in the stands at the Rugby League World Cup...apart from maybe the one bloke in a dress we threw in there as a test to see if you're paying attention.

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