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The saying goes there are lies, damned lies and statistics, but often statistics can help paint a picture of a particular landscape. When it comes to the opportunities for local coaches in Southeast Asia, they certainly do just that.
24 July 2017
Malaysia qualified for the AFC Under-23 Championship in China for the first time over the weekend, bringing cheer to football fans in the country. Here FourFourTwo looks at five other times there were something to cheer about in Malaysian football in recent years.
Two month-long breaks in 2017, outside of the post-season holidays, resulted in a tight fixture list for Malaysia Super League (MSL) teams. Such a common issue in Malaysian football over the years, will it improve in 2018?
21 July 2017
“Hail King James” was the headline splashed across the backpage of The Star in Malaysia on April 7, 1980. It wasn't the first time it had been used, but it had never been more apt after James Wong scored the goal to defeat South Korea – yes, South Korea – to send his nation to the 1980 Olympics.
14 July 2017
There was so much talk of how unprepared the Malaysia under-22 were after domestic clubs refused to early release of their players, but the squad managed to overcome Myanmar under-22 2-0 in a friendly on Thursday. 
12 July 2017
Malaysia host the 2017 SEA Games in August and have targeted the ‘mother of all gold medals’ in the men’s football event. This has overshadowed the AFC Under-23 qualification that takes place a month before. Vijhay Vick explains why priorities have been misplaced…
11 July 2017
It was another week of attention grabbing headlines in Malaysia. From only six players reporting for national duty to Kelantan pinning poor form blame on Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) and Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP), here are the weekly highlights...
10 July 2017
The old club vs country row has cropped up once again, forcing the Malaysia under-22 side to shelve plans of starting a centralised training camp on July 5 ahead of the AFC Under-23 qualifiers in Bangkok from July 19-23. It has also derailed ambitious SEA Games gold medal aspirations…
6 July 2017
Following their 2-1 defeat to Lebanon in the Asian Cup qualifiers June, Malaysia slipped down to No. 167 in the Fifa world rankings released on Thursday.
5 July 2017
Malaysia's AFC Under-23 qualifiers set for later this month hang in the balance after only six players turned up for the first day of centralised training on Wednesday.


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