31 December 2016
The year 2016 may not have been a great one for civilisation as a whole, but it's been a great one for FourFourTwo photography
10 May 2015
It was as good an attacking display we'd seen all season as the LionsXII grabbed a 2-1 first leg advantage over visitors Terengganu in their semi-final first leg match. Weixiang Lim was at Jalan Besar Stadium with his camera...
13 March 2015
Within the luxurious confines of the historic Fullerton Hotel, Portuguese-Brazilian former football star Deco went one-on-one with FourFourTwo. Here are the images...
2 September 2014
Just one more leg to go for the Aussies in the fast and furious Tiger Street Football finals.
13 July 2014
There are those who insist those flawless World Cup beauties picked out - apparently at random - from crowds of thousands in a stadium are actually models, given free tickets by FIFA to add a touch of glamour to the games.
13 July 2014
Gotta love the World Cup...
10 July 2014
Brazil had its heart ripped out by this morning's 7-1 slaughter at the hands of Germany this morning. Don't believe us? Check out these pics.
23 June 2014
It comes as no surprise that some of the most passionate football supporters in the stands and fan sites around Brazil are women.  
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