George Best

25 March 2017
Kevin Stewart looks at a handful of colourful characters who left behind riveting tales to tell
Gunter Netzer
3 February 2017
This dazzling lot didn’t obey convention. They drank, smoked, agitated and ignored orders, but – most of all – they entertained
9 December 2016
Had FourFourTwo been around (presumably under a different name) 50 years ago, who would have been in the FFT100? FFT’s launch editor Paul Simpson wonders... 
2 April 2016
The greatest Red Devils ever. Would you agree?
27 September 2014
With the football world going giddy for the story of Manchester United-bashing Leiciester hero Jamie Vardy, who has risen six divisions in four years, Charles Ducksbury recalls some big names who went the other way...
28 May 2014
Gareth Bale will not be coming to a World Cup screen near you, and FFT's Neil Humphreys reckons we're all the poorer for it.
13 April 2014
From wet-eared wunderkind to Golden Boot-wearing champion of Europe
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