Mauricio Pochettino
4 March 2017
After the current Blaugrana boss announced his intention to leave at the end of the season, Blair Newman weighs up the candidates to replace him
27 July 2016
Approaching the midway mark, we’ve got this list’s oldest gaffer, Belgium’s brilliant tactician and our leading lady
13 February 2016
The question of who will be on the Stamford Bridge bench next season seems no closer to being answered, so Alasdair Mackenzie analyses what each of the leading contenders could offer...
28 January 2016
The bubbly Bielsa disciple is now the bookies' favourite to take over from Guus Hiddink at the end of the campaign. Blair Newman explains why the Premier League would be an even funner place with the former Chile boss in it...
15 July 2015
Read all about the Frenchman making miracles, Serie A’s old dog and two gurus of high-octane football...
18 April 2015
With Dortmund's German tactician moving on and potentially taking time out to groom his beard, Charles Ducksbury weighs up the candidates ready to fill the sizeable void...
28 June 2014
World Cup Round of 16 | Belo Horizonte | Sun 29 Jun | 12am
23 June 2014
World Cup Group B | Sao Paulo | Tue 24 Jun | 12am
18 June 2014
World Cup Group B | Rio de Janeiro | Thu 19 Jun | 3am
13 June 2014
World Cup Group B | Cuaiba | Fri 13 Jun | 11pm


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