21 July 2017
The empire strikes back as Man United claim the league title, but a Chelsea player tops the scoring charts. How many players who hit 10+ league goals in 06/07 can you recall? 
Neymar PSG
21 July 2017
The latest rumours, whispers and will-they-won't-theys from Premier League Land and beyond
Manchester United
21 July 2017
The biggest, most eye-watering signings in the history of English football. How many of the 100 most cash-rich deals can you recall?
John Arne Riise Liverpool Celtic goal
21 July 2017
Timing, as they say, is everything – yet so often our greatest moments are sullied by their insignificance. With that in mind, Jack Lang and Joe Brewin present these superb goals wasted
Neymar PSG
20 July 2017
You can't replace the Brazilian like-for-like, but Barça bigwigs will have to think smart if the 25-year-old’s prospective move to Paris is serious. This lot could fit the bill...
Christian Ziege
20 July 2017
Did he nearly die while playing for Spurs? What really happened at Anfield? What's his best Gazza story? The ex-Germany international answered all in the June 2017 issue of FourFourTwo
Robbie Fowler Liverpool
20 July 2017
How could it be that a goalscorer as prodigious as the Toxteth tyro remains so revered, yet also deemed a disappointment? Seb Stafford-Bloor recalls the season 'God' was outed as a Red
18 July 2017
The Reds have taken inspiration from some wooden signage for their alternative strip. 
14 July 2017
The latest news, gossip and confirmed deals with FourFourTwo
13 July 2017
Arsenal won the double, Alex Ferguson did a retirement U-turn and 25 players hit double figures for Premier League goals. Name ‘em…


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