14 March 2018
Fellaini has been trying out a new hairstyle for GQ, and it's gone down predictably badly
1 February 2018
It was Internet Land's big day of giddy excitement and ludicrous ambitions on Wednesday. These deals prove why Deadline Day is sometimes worth the hype...  
6 January 2018
Thore Haugstad runs down the list of the top 10 players who - unless they sign a new contract ASAP - will be available for nothing this summer
20 October 2017
Jendela perpindahan Inggeris telah pun berlalu. Ada antara beberapa kelab yang telah melakukan perpindahan lewat, sementara yang lain sekadar meratapi nasib. Di sini FFT menyenaraikan 10 perpindahan terbaik dan 10 perpindahan lewat terburuk ...
15 September 2017
Who you gonna call for your fantasy advice? @FantasyYIRMA, of course…
11 August 2017
The Manchester United midfielder's melting face has now been turned into a piece of art. 
27 May 2017
The FA introducing retrospective bans for diving has been widely welcomed - but Johnny Sharp argues that it harms more than it helps, while ignoring the real threat to our sport 
Marouane Fellaini
27 March 2017
The Belgian has gone the extra mile to make sure his fuzzy afro is looking its best at all times.
23 February 2017
From the weird to wonderful and the downright woeful, Su-San Sit introduces a bizarre network of players' official websites
Luke Shaw
18 February 2017
England international hit with another punishment, report Back of the Net


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