7 September 2017
As the Thais chased every ball against the Socceroos, the Lions ran out of puff against Turkmenistan. Singapore may have a smaller talent pool than their regional rivals, but there’s no excuse for being less fit, argues Neil Humphreys.
22 December 2016
Olympian. Refugee. Footballer. Duric’s professional football career has been nothing short of amazing and FourFourTwo documented how he came to be a Singapore football legend. 
15 January 2016
International media coverage suggests that Singapore football has moved into a bigger spotlight, which is great unless something goes wrong, argues Neil Humphreys...
16 December 2015
The S.League craves credibility, but clubs in other leagues do not finish second and then release most of their squad a week later. Now’s the time to build stability, argues Neil Humphreys...
19 October 2015
Singapore’s star will rightly make history, but Asian football has let everyone down once again, argues Neil Humphreys.
28 September 2015
Now he’s 24, the resurgent midfielder must reach the potential he showed in the A-League and lift the Lions, says Neil Humphreys.
17 September 2015
Schedules are tight, but there’s nothing to gain from playing in unhealthy conditions. The welfare of footballers and fans must come first, argues Neil Humphreys.
9 September 2015
Smaller countries and even war-torn nations are now humiliating the Lions’ lack of football progress on the international stage, argues Neil Humphreys.
23 July 2015
Malaysian clubs have every right to protest Liverpool’s trip, argues Neil Humphreys...
13 June 2015
Managing any of Singapore’s development squads will remain a poisoned chalice unless serious root and branch reform takes place, argues Neil Humphreys.


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